venerdì 2 dicembre 2011

Kurodama + Frank and Steen

Stasera alle 20.00 in punto presso il Paperlapap (dietro al Duomo) a Bolzano.
Suona pure il Hanzo!
Bored of teeniesoftshit like Justin Biber?
Bored of listening to incredible stupid "waka waka eh eh" radio music?
Bored of a furhter postmetalpunkindiewhatever band?
We proudly present the 1st

a delicous evening with finest experimental, electronic and noise music from the southtyrolean underground

ubumaic / live electronics
Renato Slaunuch / performance for tubes, flutes and voice
kompripiotr / release party "gennarino's earbleeding, lo-fi harsh noise
Kurodama + Frank and Steen / drone industrial
stressfaktor lärm / lärm


entry 5 euro

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